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Latest Club Events - QLD

Second Sunday every November at the Beaudesert Showground.
Native and exotic parrots, finches, doves and quail. Licensed birds also traded. Cockatiels, budgerigars, conures, lories, lorikeets, cockatoos. Hand-raised pets and breeding birds for sale. All aviculure supplies for the birdkeeper - feeds, cages, aviaries,etc.
Spacious, modern venue with excellent facilities, food, drinks, unlimited parking. Internet search: beaudesert bird sale.

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Gold Campine Chickens For Sale ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Selling 3 week old Gold Campine Chickens there are 12 pullets and 6 roosters in all. $10ea Contact 07 49348120...
$: 10.00
5 Hit(s)
from Michael H Rooney

Wyandotte chicks 4-5 wks old ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic I have Silver laced Wyandotte chicks and Blue laced gold chicks for sale. Sexed pullets $16 each Cockerels $5 each. Because BLG throw 50% BLG; 25% Gold laced and 25% splash chicks the colours can...
$: 16
5 Hit(s)
from deljoy

Wyandotte Chicks ( / Chicks for Sale )

Wyandotte Chicks Beautiful healthy Wyandotte Silver Laced chicks from 4 weeks old and some Gold Laced Wyandottes. A 9 month rooster and hen for $35...
Gold Coast
$: 20.00
23 Hit(s)
from Linus

Purebred chicks for sal ( / Chicks for Sale )

Purebred chicks for sal Purebred chicks for sale in the following breeds. Silkies in buff, black & white. Wyandottes in both gold & silver laced. Salmon Faverolles Old English Game bantams. Sebrights in both gold & si...
Jimboomba area
$: 10
437 Hit(s)
from blucalypt

CHICKS FOR $8 each ( / Chicks for Sale )

CHICKS FOR $8 each Chicks for $8 each. We sell day old chicks - 1 week old. Unsexed. All purebred breeds. Silkie. Pekin. Bantam Light Sussex. Bantam Faverolles. Belgian d,Uccle. Lots of colours. We hold a sa...
$: 8
64 Hit(s)
from anitawood

Bantam chicks (Silky x Frizzle) ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Make a great little back yard bantam,very pretty. All from a happy healthy free range home. No lights needed. PH: 0403460017...
$: 10
196 Hit(s)
from Kylie Cluck

Silky chicks ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Variety of colours & ages all from a happy, healthy free range home. PH:0403460017...
$: 10
196 Hit(s)
from Kylie Cluck

Silky Chicks $10 each ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Variety of colours, all from a happy, healthy free range home. PH: 0403460017...
Yandina, Sunshine Coast
$: 10
586 Hit(s)
from Kylie Cluck

Silky & Frizzle chicks $10 each ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Variety of colours & ages. Not many frizzles left. All from a Happy,Healthy Free range home. PH: 0403460017 or email: [email protected]..
$: 10
70 Hit(s)
from Kylie Cluck

Silky Chicks $10 ( / Chicks for Sale )

nopic Beautiful Silky Chicks in a variety of colours. All from a happy healthy free range home. Ph: 0403460017 or email: [email protected]..
$: 10
266 Hit(s)
from Kylie Cluck

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