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Sustainable Chook Houses

A collection of sustainable chook houses from around Australia.  A sustainable chook house is one which is made from recycled materials.

If you have a sustainable chook house and would like to have it featured here why not email us some photos (high resolution) and be in the running for the weekly prize - a Chook Things fridge magnet. Include your location and a short description or even a few paragraphs about your chook house. Send email to: admin at chooknet dot com dot au

Sustainable Chook House, Hobart Tas PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 08:23

Contributed by Mrs Josephine Jaworsky, Hobart Tas.

As total beginners, the website Chook.Net has been our salvation. Thankyou. We began months ago intensively researching the library and internet. We trawled the Hobart Tip Shop for materials and were given a rotten old hutch from one neighbour, then another 30yr old Canadian oregon packing case from another neighbour. What resulted from that pile of junk was an inexpensive strong, easy to move/clean/manage tractor arrangement.

Sustainable Chook House - Bakers Hill WA
Thursday, 26 February 2009 08:58
Contributed by Rose, Bakers Hill WA
This is my pen I made from unwanted flydoors and various odd pieces of tin and bird wire I had around the place. When the screens had mesh in them they were used in my shed as a barricade to keep an orphaned lamb (Lambington) which I had to bottle feed, from wandering all over my shed.  However as she grew she found out that she could actually walk through them and totally wrecked them.
Cubby Chook House
Tuesday, 24 February 2009 13:21

Submitted by annaschooks, Perth WA

We converted a kids cubby into the house for our 2 new chooks for $6. Just a normal plastic cubby with pet-mesh bolted onto the windows. We used one of those big metal signs they put up in new residential developments to block off the back two windows completely. Both doors are bolted shut, except one can be opened to refresh food and water and clean out the house (as well as collect the eggs when they start laying!!) The cubby was second hand from a neighbour, the sign was left with bulk rubbish by the council on the side of the road, roost was a tree branch, laying boxes are old crates so all we had to buy was the $6 pet-mesh.   Click read more to see photos ...

Sustainable Silkie House - Townsville QLD PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 December 2008 11:29

Submitted by chickenallsorts

We have built a new chook house just for the silkies out of mostly reusable products that we have sourced from new home construction developements such as colourbond roofing iron, roof tex screws, some of the studs and the door. We had to buy from bunning more studs - 7 of @ $3.30 for a 2.4m length, bird mesh and chipboard screws. the ply board we used on the floor came from the side of the road just saw it laying there and couldn't pass up on it.

Taj M-Chook - Meckering, WA PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 09:23

Hi my name is Trish, and I live in Meckering, WA. Here is my first chook Pen. My friends call it the ‘Taj M-Chook’.

When we moved to this house, the chook house was already here. In fact it had survived an earthquake of 6.9. I did put a new roof onto it though. Not done a roof before but I worked it out eventually. A farmer friend gave me the materials and I knew I had to do a good job.

I also made the doors for security as we have foxes and the occasional snake. I got an old work table from a clearance sale (gotta love those clearance sales), took the doors off and used them as dividers. It fit perfectly into the coop. I painted Foghorn Leghorn and Miss Prissy on the side and put up some shade-cloth. My girls do have a Wormwood bush to sit under in the heat or if there is a hawk around but it gives them a little extra. I also planted a Passionfruit vine last year on the east fence for more heat protection.

I have just changed from OEG Bantams to Australorps. I got them as day olds and had them in a run in the games room till they were big enough to live in the coop. They are 12 weeks old now and Geez they make a much bigger mess than the Bantams did.

Contributed by Trish, of Meckering WA.

Sustainable Chook House - Northam, WA PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 October 2008 15:47
Northam, WA

This is the chookhouse I built last summer. It has shadecloth over the tin on the roof as we get summer temps up to 48deg. It has a vent at the back to allow excess heat out. The floor is wired and makes it so much easier to clean out. There is a 3 compartment nesting box on the left had side at the back. Contributed by farmchooks


Sustainable Chook House - Gidgegannup, WA PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 October 2008 15:47
Gidgegannup, WA


This chook house was made almost completely from recycled materials, so it's almost completely sustainable! The only bought items were the chicken wire and fixings. Contributed by crazychook



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